Happy people live in the RC “Shchaslyvyi”. This phrase fully reveals the essence of the comfort-class residential complex “Shchaslyvyi”, located in Lviv in Bihova Street. Over the time that has passed since the first apartment owners moved in and up to now, we have received a lot of positive feedback from the residents of the complex, who appreciate it for its peace, quiet, comfort, clean air, and location.

This is exactly how this residential complex was conceived - a place of strength for its residents, where adults can relax from the hustle and bustle of the world around them, children can grow up happily and learn about the world. Shchaslyvyi is not only apartments, but also a community where every resident is important. So let's get to know Lviv's Shchaslyvyi residential complex and find out what makes it special.

Shchaslyvyi is a monolithic frame construction, walls made of high-quality ceramic blocks, mineral wool insulation (13 cm), individual heating (double-circuit boiler, steel radiators).

However, this is not all. The construction of a residential complex should not be limited to the erection of houses. NovaBudova cares about the improvement of the areas where it builds its housing, so we took care of building a good access road to the residential complex for the comfort of its residents.

Let's also take a look at the advantages of this complex.

Large and cosy territory

The residents have a 1.35-hectare adjoining territory with modern landscaping at their disposal. This distinguishes Shchaslyvyi residential complex from many other residential complexes, where the adjoining territory is, in fact, a small piece of land.


Thanks to such a large territory, we were able to place many activities for walking, recreation, and entertainment on it: from playgrounds to a fountain, which is planned to be built at the end of the residential complex construction.


The residential complex is located in a quiet and green area of the city. Therefore, the windows of your apartments will offer a view of the High Castle Park. And nearby there is a forest with bicycle paths and open water bodies for family walks or sports.

Security and video surveillance

Security is paramount. Modern video surveillance systems ensure the comfort and peace of mind of the residents of the complex. And round-the-clock security guarantees privacy.

Underground and above-ground car parks

Two car parks have been built on the territory of the complex: above-ground and underground. The entire territory and the underground car park are equipped with video surveillance.

Own infrastructure

There are commercial facilities on the territory of the complex. Shops, cafeterias, beauty salons, offices and other service establishments are located literally next door. Having purchased a commercial space in the Shchaslyvyi residential complex, you can be sure that not only residents of the three houses of the residential complex, but also residents of neighboring houses can become your potential customers. This is not surprising, as Shchaslyvy is the center of life in the area, and the neighborhood is currently undergoing rapid development.

Experience all the delights of a happy life in the Shchaslyvyi residential complex in Bihova Street!

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Or call: +38 068 430 82 08.