The real estate business is one of the most popular options, as this market maintains positive growth dynamics even in times of crisis. This applies to both housing prices and liquidity, because you can sell an apartment or house quickly enough, especially in a really high-quality housing project. As for the residential complex "Shchaslyvyi", it is safe to invest in it for a number of reasons, which relate not only to the stability of the market in general, but also the benefits of this particular project. First of all, it is the reputation of the developer, who for more than 16 years has implemented a number of projects and has a positive reputation among investors. Also the fact that there are three houses in this residential complex plays a big role - two of the houses have already been commissioned, and the third one is under construction. That is, real examples of quality implementation of plans are vivid before the eyes of investors.

However, when it comes to the Lviv residential complex "Shchaslyvyi", we can talk not only about reliability, but also about the high, as for the real estate market, level of potential profit. The scheme of earnings is quite simple, and it is worth talking about it in detail.

Resale or lease - both options are suitable for profit

There are two basic ways to earn money by investing in residential real estate: buying an apartment for rent (on a daily or long-term basis) and investing in an apartment for resale in the future with a profit in the form of the difference in value. For the RC "Shchaslyvyi" in Bihova Street both options have the prospects.

If we talk about resale, the key factor here is the difference in price between the apartment at the stage of purchase and the price of real estate during the resale. There are several reasons why this difference in the case of the third house of the RC will be really big:

  • The house is in the process of construction. It will face several planned stages of increasing the cost per square meter prior to commissioning. So now the price is much lower than the final one.
  • The residential complex will have its own developed infrastructure, which will have a positive impact on the life of the whole district. In each house there are commercial premises which will rent offices, shops, drugstores. In addition, there will be a fountain, landscaped recreation area, sports ground. Such an impetus to the development of local infrastructure will also increase the price of housing throughout the area.
  • The area in which the RC has been erected is also developing dynamically. A sports field and exercise machines have been restored 500 meters from the territory of the residential complex. Works on repair of the central water supply system have also been carried out. A nearby cottage town is being built. This means that the area will become more developed and comfortable to live in.
  • The third house is final, and the developer took into account the wishes of its investors during the process of its design. The layout of the premises is even more convenient, so the popularity, and hence the cost of apartments in the third house will be quite high.

Those who intend to rent out the purchased housing also have their own prospects. The fact is that here the stability and level of earnings depends more on how easy it will be to find tenants and what people are the target audience of the project. The RC "Shchaslyvyi" is optimally adapted for young families with children, as well as young people looking for comfortable, cozy housing with the ability to quickly get to the city center, but without proximity to the noise of tourist routes. This means that finding those who want to rent an apartment for a long time will be quite simple, and competition between potential tenants guarantees a decent price for such housing.

It should be noted that the current political instability and the geopolitical situation in which Ukraine’s got to occur, make residents of the Center, South and even the capital of our country think about backup housing and earnings. As a result, investing in complexes in Lviv is becoming especially attractive for entrepreneurs, businessmen and ordinary citizens who look for a safe way to invest money. This option can be an investment in an apartment in the residential complex "Shchaslyvyi", which over time you can give for rent or live in it yourself. After all, Lviv does not not only stand far away from the epicenter of events in the East, but it is also close to Poland, a NATO member.

More specifically about the calculation

The general description of the situation is confirmed by very specific figures, because the cost per square meter is growing along with the construction of the third building. As of mid-May, the price per square meter is 18.5 thousand hryvnias for a one-room apartment and 18 thousand hryvnias for a two- and three-room apartment. At the same time, the first owners are already selling apartments in the first two houses. Even in those where there is no finishing, the selling price on the secondary market reaches 23 thousand hryvnia per square meter. And this is the current situation, and it is worth noting that after the completion of the third house and the opening of all commercial premises, this cost will increase, especially in the apartments with finishing. Taking in consideration the area of the apartment, the potential profit from the resale may exceed 150-200 thousand hryvnia.

Realizing the potential benefits, investors who have bought an apartment in the first and second houses, sell them, get the difference in earnings and immediately invest in the third! This, as well as the overall popularity of the project, means a gradual decrease in the number of available housing options. The number of vacant apartments with a view of the High Castle is decreasing especially fast. In the secondary market, their price will also differ favorably.

As for renting, already now, in May 2021, the situation is as follows: the monthly payment for renting a one-room apartment in the first two houses ranges between 7,500 and 8,000 hryvnias. Rent of 2- and 3-room apartments starts from 8,000 hryvnias per month. Nearby - a kindergarten, forest within walking distance, besides the territory of the RC is closed and is under video surveillance. All this will also lead to an increase in rents.

You can also earn on commercial premises. Although there are only two of them left at the price of UAH 18,000 / m2. So don't hesitate. Call the numbers: 067 663 97 34 and 032 294 94 56 - and find out all the details about the construction process and the possibility of earning money by investing in a residential complex. Also come to the sales departments in 26, Tchaikovsky Street and 67, V. Chornovola Avenue.