Making More Space in a Small Apartment


When moving into a new house, it may seem that the place will always be spacious and comfortable. However, with time we have growing bulks of things going beyond the limits of a small apartment design. If you can’t manage picking one piece of clothes from the wardrobe without dragging a dozen of other things along, it’s the right time to change something. Let us see how to make more space in a small apartment without detriment to your comfort.

1. Set your priorities right. Organize some kind of an inspection — question the necessity of all furniture and bulk items in the house. If there are some things that are not used on a regular basis and bring no delight to you, then it’s time to get rid of them. You can refer here an odious tea set that your aunt-cousin presented at your wedding, a cycle exerciser you happened to use three times over the past half a year, or a collection of souvenirs on your shelf. Think whether you really need those things and what do they tell about you.

If you take a merciless approach, you’ll be surprised at how much space you can release. You don’t have to throw all things away – give them to charity or take them to jumble market. Whatever is left, must be arranged properly. Instead of keeping all your cards and sentimental little things on shelves, try keeping them in small-size albums or memory boxes.

2. Mind space zoning in a small apartment. Separate your work zone from recreation zones; dishes must stay in the kitchen, whereas a big mirror must stand next to the wardrobe. This way, things won’t pile up everywhere imposing an impression of continuing jumble and will make more space visually. If you have narrow and long rooms, separate zones by placing the furniture crossways in order to not let them look like a corridor. Another option is zoning of a one-room apartment using different colors for carpets and walls. Just don’t do too much of that and think well about matching colors.

3. Change doors and windows. Sliding doors will make a free corner in every room. You don’t need to put anything in that corner, however you will definitely get more space. The same applies to windows – rooms with more light look more spacious. Mirrors will help expand space visually.

4. Select furniture carefully. If you are looking for furniture for a small apartment, pay attention to built-in structures — closets, shelves, cabinets, or household appliances. Any space can be filled; stairs, poufs, podiums, or bed bases can be used as storages.

5. In the kitchen you may find pullout drawers helpful for keeping spices or detergents. Another life hack is wire baskets for kitchen utensils + magnetic boards for knives or jars with spices.

6. Don’t forget about double deck structures, especially for children’s rooms. One level may serve as a play or work area, and the other one may be used for sleeping.

7. In the future, learn to analyze your habits. If you see things piling up in one place, organize a compact storage there. Don’t be afraid to change space around you, you will make your life easier and nicer.