Hygge — the Danish Art of Coziness


Danish hygge captures designers all over the world. This is one of the most popular trends in Scandinavian-style apartment designs, Instagram’s top hashtag and one of the top ten topics in books. So what is it?

The word hygge originates from the Norwegian word wellbeing or welfare; however, its meaning is most similar to coziness. The philosophy of hygge tells us that happiness is not about recreation on a palm-grown seashore, it’s about simple things in your daily life. That is why Denmark is believe to be the happiest country. Its citizens know how to make a cozy home and how to find joy in simple things (despite the fact that they have rains 179 days in a year).

Here is a fundamental principle of hygge — getting rid of excessive stuff and surrounding yourself with things that make you feel comfortable and peaceful. Natural candles, knit blankets, chimneys, pillows, and gluehwein — anything that brings a sense of warmth and tranquility.

No wonder that Scandinavian interiors are so popular now, in the age of technology and continuing rush. The amount of things is overwhelming, yet we find valuable only those things that are important to us. Hygge shouldn’t be reckoned as a general Scandinavian style for apartments or homes with its characteristic white details and minimalism. It speaks a different language because of its philosophy of warmth, calm, and happiness. The smell of cinnamon buns, shining strings of lights, cocoa, warm socks, and furry cats — that’s all hygge.

For you to better understand how to add hygge-style coziness to your home, we selected a series of photos. Enjoy!