An up-to-date report from the construction site of the residential complex "Shchaslyvyi" (Lviv) in Bihova Street is to your attention.

The following works have been completed:

・grinding of concrete surfaces;

・masonry partitions of the kindergarten (1st floor);

・arrangement of ceramic granite tiles on stairwells (12-18 floors);

・puttying of the walls of the public usage places (8-11 floors);

・arrangement of decorative plaster (11, 12, 16 floors);

・installation of apartment doors (11-17 floors);

・installation of a freight elevator.

Among the following planned stages of work:

・arrangement of ceramic granite tiles in public usage places (8-11 floors);

・arrangement of decorative plaster (8-17 floors);

・the beginning of plastering the walls on the lower floors;

・installation of a passenger elevator;

・further installation of apartment doors;

・sprinkling sand around the house to the level of the bottom of the landscaping "pie";

・arrangement of external pipes of the gas pipeline (in the house);

・installation of external doors in offices.

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