The up-to-date report from the construction site of the Shchaslyvyi residential complex (Lviv) in Bihova Street is to your attention.

The following works have been completed:

・installation of window moldings of the building on the 2nd-17th floors;

・installation of doors in public usage places and hanging fittings on floors 2-17;

・installation of window structures on the 1st floor;

・tiling the balconies of cold passages on the 2nd-17th floors;

・decoration of the staircase with tiles on the 16th and 17th floors;

・finishing works on floors 12-17.

The installation of the freight elevator and the masonry of the partitions of the kindergarten on the 1st floor have also been carried out.

Among the following planned stages of work:

・completion of the masonry of the partitions in the kindergarten;

・installation of doors in offices on the 1st floor;

・tiling of staircases;

・applying decorative plaster to the walls of the public usage places on floors 13-17;

・installation of apartment doors.

To make sure how construction is progressing and to choose one of the latest apartments, as well as a commercial space, a storage room or a parking space, book viewing with the sales department.

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