Health care is a key issue today. And it applies to all aspects of life. Housing should also be chosen through the prism of health care: the purchased apartment will become a place where the family will stay for a significant part of the time - so the well-being of the residents depends on the quality of the apartment. Of course, new buildings have a number of advantages over other housing stock in Lviv.

The body's own defense mechanisms must cope with the disease of various natures and origins. Medications simply help to deal with infection or inflammation by fighting the symptoms. It is a basic requirement for family health to maintain immunity. And the housing the family lives plays an important role in this task.

Reasons why life in a new building is better for immunity:

  • High-quality new buildings are better than the housing stock of the 2000s and earlier houses, because modern houses create a natural microclimate of the premises. All thanks to the selection of materials and their combination. The level of humidity and temperature in modern new buildings is maintained at an optimal level, which creates a microclimate the body feels comfortable in.
  • Use of the ventilated and wet facade in combination with heaters allows to create all conditions for natural air circulation in modern residential complexes. This means fresh air and immune support.
  • An efficient heating system plays not the last role. With its help it is possible to heat the apartment in winter with moderate use of resources (and hence fuel savings). In old Lviv houses of the last century and earlier epochs, stoves and boilers are installed, which often do not work very efficiently, it forces many people to save on heating and freezing. The heating system of the housing stock of the twentieth century also does not differ in quality, in contrast to the corresponding systems in new buildings.

The house location is also important. If a new building is away from tourist routes, it does not only reduce noise and stress. It is closer to nature. Industrial plants or thousands of vehicles are far away. Rest among trees provides relaxation and has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system.