When buying or renting a home, you must check the legality of such housing. Real estate fraud is one of the most common. For example, a typical scheme is when fraudsters sell or rent an apartment that already has legal owners. Therefore, caring of your own money and not giving it to fraudsters - this is what you should always start with, when interested in real estate.

Today, there are various electronic resources that will help not only get complete information about the housing you are interested in, but also check the owner of this apartment or get the necessary information about real estate.

The most common real estate inspection resources include:

  1. State Register on the website of the Ministry of Justice - allows you to find out the data in case of purchase of housing on the secondary market;
  2. Unified Register of Debtors - helps to check the presence or absence of debts for utility payments;
  3. Website of the Judiciary of Ukraine (section "Status of proceedings") - provides an opportunity to find out whether there are lawsuits against the owner of the property you are going to buy;
  4. State registrar - we recommend that you contact him/her to find out how many homeowners there were and how often they changed.

The State Register of Real Estate Rights, posted on the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine website, is considered to be the most thorough and reliable of these methods of real estate inspection.

The inspection on the Ministry of Justice website should be carried out in four stages.

1.Register your personal account on the Ministry of Justice website. To do this, go to the section "Information from the State Register of Real Rights". Log in with an electronic digital signature (available from the State Tax Service of Ukraine).

2.Apply for information about the property and its owner. To do this, in the personal account, click on the button "Information from the State Register of Real Property Rights" and find the property that interests you.

3.Pay the service fee. Use internet banking for this. Today the price for the extract costs about twenty UAH (excluding the bank's commission).

4.Get an extract. After paying for the services, you will receive a PDF document with all the necessary information about the property you are interested in.