Here we tell you how over the past six months, the dynamics of prices per square meter has changed in new buildings in the suburbs of Kyiv - in cities and towns of Kyiv region, where real estate is the greatest demand.

Sofiyivska Borshchahivka. It grows stronger every year. Convenient in terms of location, from where you can get to Teremki and Akademgorodok equally quickly, and Kyiv is located a few hundred meters away. The average price per "square" has increased insignificantly for the last six months- from 15043 UAH / m2 to 15096 UAH / m2.

Petropavlivska Borshchahivka. It has similar characteristics and advantages to Sofiyivska Borshchahivka. The main difference is the location. Zhytomyrska Metro can be reached in about six minutes. Prices here have increased more significantly - from 18248 UAH / m2 to 19563 UAH / m2.

Irpin. It is popular for its famous pine forests, the number of which, unfortunately, decreases in proportion to the new buildings. Thanks to the railway, you can quickly get to Kyiv from here, bypassing traffic jams. The cost of housing in new buildings has changed slightly - from 14,815 UAH / m2 to 14,877 UAH / m2.

Vyshneve. A compact town with the right infrastructure, where everything is at hand. It has become very popular thanks to this feature. And there is a train station there. It is also easy to get to the Circular (Okruzhna) Road or Kyiv by car or public transport. The cost of the "square" has changed from 15043 UAH / m2 to 15097 UAH / m2.

Vyshhorod. It is famous for its recreational areas, such as the ski slope, and its located near the Kiev Sea. There is a lot of affordable housing here, and the road to Kyiv is relatively lightly "suffering" from traffic jams. But, as the study showed, there has been the biggest price jump over the past six months - from 15680 UAH / m2 to 17106 UAH / m2.

Brovary. A big city with everything you need for life, including the famous "Terminal". Due to the location, it is most suitable for those who often go (say, to work) in the Dnieprovsky or Desnyansky districts of the capital. The price dynamics is UAH 209 per m2 - from UAH 14,800 / m2 to UAH 15,009 / m2.

As you can see, the dynamics of prices for new buildings in the suburbs of Kyiv over the past six months is different: it remained at almost the same level in several settlements, and in others - has grown significantly. But the trend shows that prices are rising. This corresponds to the general trend in the real estate market of Ukraine.