The year 2021 is slowly coming to an end. This means that it is necessary not only to sum up the results of the past year, but also to make plans for the next year. If you plan to renovate your apartment in 2022, you will know how to know about the most significant trends in this area, which, according to experts, will be fashionable next year.

1. Japandi

The word is formed by a combination of two words (Japan [ese] + scandi) and means a new direction in the interior, which combines Japanese and Scandinavian minimalism. Japandi has the following features: natural color palette, emphasis on environmental friendliness, thoughtful ergonomics, the use of raw textures.

2. Home mini-office

The pandemic has made significant adjustments to people's daily lives. One of the consequences of this was a significant outflow of people from offices to freelance. Therefore, the issue of a functional and comfortable workplace is more important today than ever. Among the features of such a workplace is the installation of partitions (if it is not possible to equip a completely separate room as an office), furniture-transformers, natural light.

3. Gray, pink, beige - the trend colors of 2022

Next year's colors, in addition to the above, will also be represented by a menthol shade of green and a melon shade of yellow. Other fashion trends related to color in interior design include the use of gradients. For example, a wallpaper with a smooth transition from dark to light shades will look great.

4. Use of smooth lines

Straight lines are gradually losing their relevance, giving way to new trends. Round tables, chairs and beds with rounded backs - do not be afraid to use such furniture when planning repairs in your apartment. This trend appeals to the fashion of the 50-70s of the last century. Therefore, you can also use furniture that is suitable for this era (for example, furniture with corduroy upholstery).

5. Environmental friendliness and ethnic style in the decor

The trend towards environmental friendliness will primarily help emphasize houseplants. And if the area of the apartment allows, then a small winter garden will be an ideal solution. As for ethnic style, its use should be limited. For example, rattan furniture or elements with bright textiles will be a good addition.

Don't be afraid to experiment and remember: no matter what the trends, first of all focus on what you like best. And if your preferences coincide with modern trends, it's great!