Quarantine is a forced measure of the epidemic, which, despite its undoubted benefits, has become a test for each individual, as well as for the economy and society as a whole. But real estate investing is a form of business that is resistant to the quarantine effects, because the epidemic has had little effect on supply and demand in this market. Investing in real estate during quarantine has its subtleties, and they are worth talking about.

It is demand that shapes supply - this is the basic law of the market, which applies to real estate. So do investors consider it to be a good idea to invest in housing projects? Recent months have proved - yes, they believe. The reasons are clear:

  • For a large number of Ukrainians, square meters are a reliable investment option due to distrust of banks and the lack of projects to invest money that would be insured by the state.
  • The exchange rate is unstable, which only encourages investment in something material, understandable, proper. For example, in an apartment.
  • Real estate remains liquid during quarantine. You can invest in, say, an art object, which in a year or two will rise in price by 20-30%, but it would take years to look for a buyer.

This makes real estate a profitable way to invest in the near future, because when exactly the quarantine will end is unknown.

The pandemic is unpredictable. Being mild now, quarantine can be strengthened in case of a sharp increase in the number of patients. This complicates the sale of real estate after investing.

Fortunately, this problem can be solved: to give housing for rent temporarily and sell it after the market stabilizes.

Ukrainian developers who have been working in the market for a long time have experience of working in extreme circumstances for the economy. The global economic crisis of 2008, and then the tragic events associated with the Russian occupation of the Crimea and the subsequent resolution of the war against Ukraine in the Donbass - all this hit the real estate market in due time, but also gave the best companies (those who survived on the market for more than 10 years in such difficult conditions) the ability to determine the safest strategy.

If the company has more than ten years of experience and a good reputation, like NovaBudova, the investment is safe.