While the lockdown continues, the citizens of our country continue to look for effective ways to save and increase their own funds. Real estate is still at the top for investment during the pandemic. Buying square meters is possible in different ways, each of which has its own characteristics.

1. Derivative. If you want to save, pay attention to this option, as it is not subject to value added tax. Here, besides a seller and a buyer, the contract involves an asset management company. It sells a derivative to the buyer, who then enters into a contract with the developer for the sale of property rights.

2. Preliminary agreement. It is concluded with the developer-company and obliges the developer to conclude the main contract with the buyer after receiving the certificate of the object commissioning.

3. Construction financing fund. The bank must participate in such agreements. The investor enters into an agreement on participation in the Construction Financing Fund and becomes a trustee of the Fund. This method is reliable if the structure is not associated with the developer. Otherwise, the bank has the option to redirect depositors' money for other purposes.

4. Contract of property rights sale. A contract of property rights sale is concluded, which confirms that the developer undertakes to build and transfer ownership of the apartment to the investor. This contract can be concluded if the developer has permits for the construction of a residential facility.

5. Lending programs. A mortgage in a bank is a well-known tool for obtaining money for the purchase of housing. Financial institutions issue loans only to proven developers and housing estates, which is a guarantee of obtaining housing in the end.

6. Target bonds. The buyer buys securities, which can then be exchanged for an apartment. Additionally, an apartment reservation agreement is signed. The disadvantage of this method - the investor can not influence the construction company, if there are delays in the construction of housing or other violations.

Investments during a pandemic must be as thoughtful and reliable as possible. Buying real estate is exactly like this. If you buy square meters, we advise you to choose the most suitable way for you to do it.