The advantages of business-class RC are undeniable: high quality building materials, advanced technologies, developed infrastructure. These parameters almost correspond to the characteristics of elite-class residential complexes, however they are an order of magnitude cheaper. And if you take the "business" class projects, built in the suburbs of Kyiv, they have additional merits.

1. Location. Even high-class capital complexes often lack peace, quiet and recreational areas nearby where you can relax from the hustle and bustle of city life. Due to the location in the suburbs, you can achieve a combination of high quality city life with coziness, comfort and silence, inaccessible to Kyiv projects. Some settlements located outside of Kyiv are located close to the city, such as Sofiyivska or Petropavlivska Borshchahivka, which allows you to keep your hand on the pulse of life in the metropolis.

2. Price. Business-class housing in the capital is still quite expensive. Moving out of town and choosing an apartment in a business class complex significantly reduces the potential price ceiling per "square". Housing of this class in the suburbs sometimes costs even like an apartment with a similar area in the capital's economy class housing. Would you agree, it is better to spend this money on a quality apartment, and invest the saved money in finishing. We will add that finishing is already more or less made by the developer in business-class complexes, while in economy-class projects finishing is guaranteed to have to be done from scratch.

3. Preservation of the advantages available to capital business class RC. In addition to these benefits, other ones that characterize the class of "business" do not disappear. Monolithic frame technology provides rapid construction of buildings and allows for housing redevelopment. Security of residents is ensured by a closed area, security and video surveillance. Such residential complexes have a well-kept area with recreation areas for children and adults, underground and aboveground parking lots, as well as their own commercial premises for shops, cafes and other establishments. This list of merits is quite suitable for a separate article.

The advantages of suburban housing of the "business" class gave rise to a housing boom in this parameter. Is this option suitable for you? It’s up to you. But such a ratio of quality and price today is rare in the real estate market.