Buying a home outside the city, but in a pretty close distance from it - the trend of our days. The advantages of an apartment in the suburbs of Kyiv are undeniable, so more and more people are moving to live outside the city, especially those who work remotely or have their own car to go to work in the capital.

Kyiv has many large and small satellites, so you can choose your own that suits specific needs: located as close as possible to Kyiv Petropavlivska and Sofiyivska Borshchahivka, located near the Vyshgorod water reservoir, surrounded by forests Irpin and Bucha, elite Koncha-Zaspa, etc.

Start with several factors when buying an apartment in a residential complex in the suburbs:

quality developer - the first and main element from to begin with;

location - select a settlement you can quickly get to Kyiv from;

construction technology - the best today is monolithic-frame one, which speeds up the construction of facilities and allows free planning of apartments;

infrastructure - it must be self-sufficient; it is desirable to have social and commercial facilities placed in or near the residential complex.

Choosing the advantages of apartments in the suburbs of Kyiv compared to the capital, we focus on such factors:

1. Price. Business-class housing in the suburbs of the capital is approximately in the same price range with the capital's square meters of economy class. Accordingly, by buying a home class "comfort" or "economy" in the city, you can also do full or partial finishing of the apartment. And the total amount will be equal to the price of an apartment of the economy class on the outskirts of the city.

2. Ecology. It cannot be compared with Kyiv. Yes, the city has a sufficient number of recreational facilities (parks, lakes, beaches, squares, etc.), but their effect is offset by the unfavorable environmental situation, provoked by the dominance of cars and industrial facilities. There are fewer harmful industries outside the city, and more forests, parks, lakes, and rivers. An additional advantage will also be the absence of noise pollution.

3. Population density. Developers of the capital, unfortunately, like to build kind of "anthill" houses, because of which the already overcrowded infrastructure of the city suffers. Such architectural forms have a bad effect on the people who live there. There are mostly no such problems in the suburbs of Kyiv. Here, in contrast to the city, for example, club housing formats are practical. The low number of storeys of such buildings allows to create additional comfort on the territory of residential complexes of such formats.