An integral part of a modern new building is an underground parking. Of course, first of all, the buyer of the apartment evaluates the housing itself. But if he/she owes a vehicle, the acquisition of square meters for him/her is also an important task for a comfortable life in a new home.

Car owners do not often understand the importance of underground parking, being content with guest overground parking. And this is the best case. Many people leave their cars on the sidewalks, walking paths, and put them right next to the entrance. These chaotic parking lots tend to make life difficult for the entire residential complex. Accordingly, the presence of the named option in the residential complex reduces the number of cars on the territory of the complex, without turning it into a total parking lot, leaving the adjoining territory a place for rest and walks.

What are the advantages of underground parking?

Protection of a car from weather conditions. The weather contributes to the decrease in the term of car exploitation. Precipitation, scorching sun, and winter frosts negatively affect the state of your vehicle. And if you spent more than one hour in the winter, digging a car from the snowdrifts, then with a parking space in the underground parking you can forget about this "pleasure".

Safety. There are mainly options such as a closed area, 24-hour video surveillance, security in residential complexes that provide underground parking spaces. The complex of these  measures allows you to be confident in the safety of your own car and to protect it from theft or damage.

A profitable investment. A parking space in an underground parking is the same square meters as an apartment or a commercial space, and has its own value, which is constantly growing, like other real estate. Even if you do not have a car, you can buy a parking space in order to re-sell it later.

Saving time. With your own parking space, forget, like a terrible nightmare, the daily attempts to find a parking space, which often turns into an unpredictable lottery - lucky / unlucky. Your personal parking space will always be waiting only for you.

Buyers are increasingly choosing new buildings with underground parking. The convenience and benefits of the described option make it indispensable in the conditions of modern megalopolises.